Its Never Too Late to Call it Quits and Start Over

At the age of 27 I’m still in limbo between careers, I am still not certain about what I want to do in life as well. Don’t get me wrong though, I have a plan if not plans and I’d love to action them but we all know one has to work to get there right? But here I am, kind of not ‘SURE’ where to start. Sad case? Perhaps!!!!

So here’s the thing; after my senior year in High School I actually didn’t know what I wanted do in College/University but then again, just like most people, we go for the safest choices and the one we think are the most ‘LUCRATIVE’ ones. I for one decided to take a Business related course because I knew upon graduation I’d definitely get a job, which of course I did, a month right after my graduation. It was a great feeling and an achievement. I was very much elated that I was venturing into the cooperate world which most of us graduates always yearn for. 12 months into the job it started to hit me, I had definitely put myself in prison hence became miserable for 24 more months.

So growing up I had always loved to be creative, I remember back in Primary School we used to take books home to cover them. I’d cover them myself and neatly done for an 8 10 12 year old. I’d cut out pictures from magazines and paste them in angles, mosaics kinda way. I had always loved to be creative, I feel like creative juices flow through my veins, each time I see something I see something good coming out of it.

My aunt used to be a tailor, that too shot up my creativity I believe, I wonder why I didn’t become a designer or something,  anyway, my cousins and I used to help her with all the sewing and stuff. Sometimes I’d steal or maybe take the little pieces of fabrics left to work something out of them. I’d make clothes, cushions and pillow cases, small little curtains anything really. This creativity and the passion of Arts never died, during my final years of High School I decided to join the Ballroom dance club, Yep, I danced my ass off to bring the first ever medal to the school at the regional dance competitions, Well I have since stopped dancing (that’s a story for another day).

I further went on to BLOGGING as well as PHOTOGRAPHY when I got to University.  I started a blog the very same year that I started my first year in College as a hobby and ever since then I never stopped blogging. I have been BLOGGING for the past 7 years and that as a hobby has given me more and more strength to believe in my creativity to date. In 2010 I went on to take PHOTOGRAPHY to add into my love for the arts. I taught myself everything I know about photography, well with a little bit of tips from the professionals now and then.

So basically I was miserable working in the Business Corporate World for a period of 33 months, YES I needed to be specific, and I didn’t know what to do. My blog was kind of dying as well as my photography because I had no time anymore for them, If you’ve been an accountant or know accountants you’ll know what I’m talking about. I was busy slaving for peanuts with no passion.

It was only in the fall of 2014 that I said I’VE HAD IT, OFFICIALLY, I decided to call it quits after so many months of contemplation but I finally did it. I sorta kinda had plans upon quitting but you know how plans look on paper, MAGICAL than in reality, Yes I was scared shitless. I don’t know if I’m the only one who has 5 different ways of executing a plan. I always keep it to myself because I feel like people will think I am all over the place. Like I always have plan A B C D e and maybe f. So yah, I quit my Job, packed my bags and decided to head to Asia where I’m now a teacher with hopes of settling somewhere for a LONG time. Teaching has definitely gives me more time to do what I love most, Blog and take picture, I feel New again, after 33 months of bondage.

Some people think blogging is easy and it is not much of a big deal, believe me if you have been blogging for quite some time you’ll know it is. People make a living out of it. Having quit my job to venture into teaching, blogging and photography has made me the happiest being ever. I am still not really ‘SURE’ what I want to do in life, no kidding, for real, I’m still confused (a work in progress) but I know that I love taking pictures and blogging so I won’t give them up ever in my life. They keep me sane.

What I’m actually trying to communicate with you here is that, let’s not imprison ourselves with what we think it’s SAFE. Safe might pay your bills, take you somewhere but can SAFE make you happy? I doubt, find something that works for you and will make you the happiest person as a WHOLE. It’s never too late to start (As cliché as it might sound but it’s never too late)

I am happy as a teacher now and enjoy the free time I have for myself.

Be inspired and do WHAT YOU LOVE

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