2015 Done and Dusted, 12 of my 2015 Experiences

Every year end most of us tend to term the year a bad year, we will be like ‘Oh 2014 was a bad year, I can’t wait for 2015’ Then in 2015 ‘Oh my goodness, this year is the worst I can’t wait for the year to end already’. I for one have been guilty of that but in recent years I have taken it upon myself to acknowledge every situation and embrace the outcomes.

So this year I want to reflect on some of the 2015 experiences and share them with you in a series of events (Timeline), they are in no particular order.

My 2015 experiences

1.       Beginning of the year I made a decision to venture into a totally different career path. I decided to become a TEACHER, from being an ASSISTANT ACCOUNTANT to becoming a TEACHER an ESL teacher to be precise. I still get people telling me that I’m wasting my qualification, but then again I’m like, I didn’t study to become an accountant don’t you think I’ve already wasted 3 years? The Universe has its own way of communicating with us, I’m actually doing perfectly fine in the industry, can’t complain much.

2.      My Botswana Telecommunication Corporation AD got featured on the 2015 Botswana Phone Directory. So this is how it all went down, my girl Ms GeeKays called me up for her photoshoot and we happen to find these other friends of ours working on this project and they asked me to help them out, so they took a couple of shots next thing you know I’m on the AD

3.      I got my very first experience riding on an elephant in Thailand, yes I’m from Africa but we don’t tame wild animals, especially elephants.

3.      I got my very first experience riding on an elephant in Thailand, yes I’m from Africa but we don’t tame wild animals, especially elephants.

5.      I got shunned down for a position I qualified for, passed all series of interviews and only to be told by the school director (Principal) that I wasn’t English Native enough and I was BLACK, yes B-L-A-C-K, BLACK and that hit home hard but I didn’t dwell on it but rather moved forward and got a job following week. (that happened in Thailand)

6.      I’ve been to 3 countries in South East Asia this year and two are new on my list (Malaysia, Laos and Vietnam). I would love to visit more next year, maybe 5.

7.      I got a chance to visit friends in Malaysia that I last saw in 2011 and the reunion was incredible, nothing much about us had changed, we continued where we left 4 years ago. I also visited my former university Victoria University (Sunway Campus – Malaysia) too.

8.     Due to some issues Thailand have with a lot of AFRICAN COUNTRIES, I was forced to fly back to Botswana to fix my visa and I celebrated my Birthday in Botswana with my friends and Family. Yes I spent a fortune to fly back and I was broke but it turned out great coz I was with my loved ones for 3 weeks.

9.      Lost weight – moved from a size 34 to a size 31, never felt sexier in my life. I feel I deserve a spot on that HOTTEST MEN alive list.

10.  Moved to Hanoi – Vietnam and love it, the organised mess that one gets used. I have never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever end up here and I knew nothing about the country besides snippets from American movies where the soldiers used to travel to Vietnam for war.

11.   I lost my wallet with a shit load of money, my 3 international ATM cards and 2 pin numbers of my travels cards that I have with me, so my traveller cards are useless because Vietnam is all about cash transactions. But after all I tell myself that I’m lucky I didn’t lose my passport or my Botswana Identification card and License.

12.  I finally got my ears pierced (shit is painful, they lied to me), something I have been dreading to do for years. It’s still new, so I’m still trying to get used the idea of hanging pieces of metal hanging from my ears.

A lot has happened in 2015 but all in all I’m grateful and this year has made me a better person I am right now. I now know my way around Asia and I’m surviving. I’m looking forward to greater things in 2016

Wishing you a Happy new year and stay blessed

Sending nothing but love

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