A day Trip to Samut Prakan – 5 Locations Covered

I haven’t done a day trip in a while, so a couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine Tumi called me up and ask if I Would like to join her on a trip to Samut Prakan. I was like, Duh!!! OF COURSE, why wouldn’t I? I knew nothing about the place and didn’t even do any research beforehand, I wanted that element of surprise. From the details that she sent me, I have heard of the place but haven’t been there.

This time around I didn’t organize anything, everything was taken care of by THAILAND TRAVEL TRIP . The good part about this trip was that it only costed me 270Baht ($7.75), yet again, another day trip under $10 (((((((BARGAIN)))))).

We had 4 locations on the itinerary, The PTT in the city, Bang Phli Yai KlangTemple, Bang Pu Recreation Centre and The Lantern Festival by Katanyu Foundation

The Samut Prakan province was created during the Ayutthaya Period, Read about my Ayutthaya Trip –>  A DAY TRIP TO AYUTTHAYA – ONE OF UNESCO’S WORLD HERITAGE SITEThe province isn’t amongst the most visited locations in Thailand, however like every other province it holds rich history about Thailand.

We didn’t do what most tourists do when they to this place, since we were with a local who knew the place better, he took us around to the exclusive places.

1.  PTT Green in the City

This is an environment project by PTT, a state-owned gas company which aims to provide cleaner and pure urban surroundings. It is dubbed as the Forest in the City. This place was once a garbage dump, you can still see some garbage on the side of the place from the top of the tower. It is located 15 minutes from Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

The place is really green and looks well taken care of and the plants and flowers are HEALTHY, if I may say. It’s a short fun walk around the area. There is a room for a short clip about the place it is very informative. Read more about it here

This place is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9am to 4pm and its FREE of charge Of course, I couldn’t help but take crazy pictures of myself there.

2.   Bang Phli Yai KlangTemple

This temple is the home of the reclining Buddha image, famously known as Somdet Phra Sakayamuni Si Sumet Bophit (Yes, I know, I can’t even read that out at ease). For as little as 20Bath one can go in the reclining Buddha and visit the 4 levels which range from Arahats and murals depicting Hell and Heaven, sacred Buddha Paintings and Medication cells. Going inside the temple however is free.

Like all, if not most of the temples in Thailand you will be amazed by the BLING you get to see from both the inside and the outside, the gold-plated statues and pillars, the architect behind every temple is truly amazing.

3.   Bang Pu Recreation Centre

Located in an area rich in History in the province, it’s a site for the Asia – Pacific War Memorials, this is a great place to visit, most tourists flock this place. It is also a great place to spot some large flocks of seagulls. The best time to go to this place is between November and July before the seagulls fly out for the winter.

There is also a nice 400m wooden pier overlooking the Inner Gulf of Thailand with a huge restaurant that serves really nice food, ranging from sea food, chicken to pork and so much more. This is a great place for a small getaway. This was my first experience with the seagull that close and feeding them.

4.    The Lantern Festival

Lanterns are a big deal here in Thailand or shall I say in Asia, of all the Asian countries I’ve been to, there is always a Lantern ceremony happening. We went to Katanyu Foundation in Samut Prakan for the Lantern festival, which has been running from the 27th January 2017 and will end on the 19th February 2017 in celebration of the Chinese New Year. There were Theme Park rides, lantern statues and Food of course, lots and lots of food.

5. Miami Bayside Market

WE also visited MIAMI BAYSIDE Market, for a quick snack, the market was damn cheap, I bought a pair of shades for 39Baht ($1.10), (I know I know, they aren’t Ray-Bans or Prada but for Thailand they work) I also bought a clock I have been dreading to buy since I thought it was expensive, and I got it for half the price I have been quoted outside Samut Prakan. the sunset from the market was also AMAZING.

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