The Hill Tribe Village – Baan Tong Luang Chiang Mai Thailand

So, there is this good friend of mine, she is a very good writer, and when I say good, I mean she could write a best-selling book and it doesn’t have to be 300 pages long. I am still wondering why she hasn’t done it yet.

Anyway, she wrote this interesting piece about People of The Golden Triangle, it was short and simple to follow for someone who isn’t keen on long articles. I am not much of a reader, but I was literally glued to the piece as it was well briefed and informative at the same time. I didn’t even waste time after reading it, I went on with my own little research.

Here is the piece she wrote on  The People Of The Golden Triangle

Through my research and a friend of course, I found out there was a small village called Baan Tong Luang which exhibits The People Of The Golden Triangle lifestyle, just a few kilometres away from Chiang Mai.

People of the Golden Triangle, famously known as People of the Hill Tribe in Thailand, are indigenous people who are mainly found in the North Provinces of Thailand and in the mountains regions. Not only are they found in Thailand, they are in the GOLDEN TRIANGLE which includes Laos and Myanmar. Many have moved to Myanmar from China due to pressure from the government. They mostly live sustainable lives, as they are subsistence farmers, they handmake their goods and some are also nomadic, they move around to give the land time to breathe.

Here are some of the tribe found in Thailand

The Palaung

Originally from Myanmar, some fled and settled on the borders of Thailand and Myanmar. They fled then Burma to avoid on going conflicts within the country. They can also be found in China where the bear a different name the De’ang.

The Padaung -Kayan People

The Kayan which is a sub tribe of the Karen is famous for the woman with ring around their necks, famously known as the People of the Long Neck

The Hmong

They are believed to have been original inhabitants from ancient China and Mongolia, however, through out the years, countries like China started to limit their freedom hence causing them to move. Some have since found refuge in Thailand, however they are in a group on Unpresented nations as they aren’t recognised in the countries they are in.

The Akha

Over 80, 000 of the Akha immigrants live in Thailand in the northern provinces in Thailand. The tribe is closely related to the Hani in China. Read more about the tribe HERE

The Lahu

They moved to Thailand in the late 1800s, they live in small villages away from a lot of civilisation as they want to maintain their old ways of living, sustainable life. The Lahu, here is a short read and understanding.

The Yao

Also known as Mien, they are officially recognised as minorities in China and Vietnam. The “Yao” in Thailand call themselves “Mian” or “Iu Mian.” Historically, the Chinese called them “Yao,” which means “dog” or “savage.” In Yao, the word mian means “people.” In Laos and Vietnam the word man also means “people.” They are mostly seen in the villages of Chiang Rai, Nan & Phayao. Read more THE YAO

The Lisu

The Lisu hill tribe just like many of the other tribes, they orginaled from China and migrated to Burma. All the Lisu tribe found in Thailand mirated from Myanamar and have settled in areas around Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Son, Chiang Rai, Sukhothai, and many other regions in the Northern part of Thailand. This is an interesting Article that goes more into detail on the LISU TRIBE

I would honestly be lying saying I would perfectly be able to match the pictures I have with the tribes they belong to. I have put a gallery of the tribes that I had the privilege to meet in Chiang Mai.

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