2015 Done and Dusted, 12 of my 2015 Experiences

Every year end most of us tend to term the year a bad year, we will be like ‘Oh 2014 was a bad year, I can’t wait for 2015’ Then in 2015 ‘Oh my goodness, this year is the worst I can’t wait for the year to end already’. I for one have been guilty of that butContinue reading “2015 Done and Dusted, 12 of my 2015 Experiences”

A Winter Christmas in Cat Ba Island – Vietnam

What does Christmas mean to me? Christmas to me means a time to share some love with family and friends. The time where everyone come together to share the love and the joy of the one and only Christ. Just like in most countries if not all, Christmas back home in Botswana is family orientated,Continue reading “A Winter Christmas in Cat Ba Island – Vietnam”

From The Rich African Soils to Asia – Thailand Bangkok

Travel and gain experience they say, well they are right. The more I travel the more I meet a whole lot of different people that I learn from each time. Having been exposed to travelling at the age of 10 I have travelled to a number of countries in Africa and that built so muchContinue reading “From The Rich African Soils to Asia – Thailand Bangkok”

Asia Can Get A Black Person Feel Some Type Of Way

Oh Asia my Asia, a period of 5 years, collectively, being it Malaysia, Thailand and now Vietnam, you have shown me nothing but beautiful scenery a whole lot of experience and life in a more different perspective than where I’m from – Botswana. I’m loving my stay, the people and the cultures are worth experiencing.Continue reading “Asia Can Get A Black Person Feel Some Type Of Way”

What Happens on Thanksgiving? Turkey Everyone?

So today is Thanksgiving, what do people normally get up to?? Well I guess it’s all about feasting and grace innit?             In all honestly, besides knowing that people prepare huge meals with a turkey and give their thanks I knew nothing beyond that. It was only recently, because of friends that I made who celebrate theContinue reading “What Happens on Thanksgiving? Turkey Everyone?”

Its Never Too Late to Call it Quits and Start Over

At the age of 27 I’m still in limbo between careers, I am still not certain about what I want to do in life as well. Don’t get me wrong though, I have a plan if not plans and I’d love to action them but we all know one has to work to get thereContinue reading “Its Never Too Late to Call it Quits and Start Over”