Hey, Welcome To The Sopranist!

This is a space by Mr Orsen (ME), I have been in the creative and travel industry for a little over 5 years. Mr Orsen possess skills ranging from the Arts through Marketing. He has since seen success in Photography, Videography, Travel Blogging, Online Content Creation & Influencer Marketing.


Passionate about exploring and documenting travel memories, Mr Orsen takes time to create and document memories along his journey of travel. Memories are captured both in Pictures and in video.


As a creative, I have the love for taking pictures. My photography ranges from Advanced Selfies, Portraits, Travel along with Random and Street photography

Video Production

My video production ranges from; Travel, Online Talk Show, Music Video Parody & Advice. I produce content online, I have produced 2 talk shows and personally created travel content too.



About Me

Hi, I’m Orsen, I am from a small country in the Southern part of Africa called Botswana. I am currently living in Thailand. Welcome to my journey.! Read more

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